Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



multihazard information

Combination of flash flood hazard and landslide susceptibility maps in CHARIM

SVG Geological Map

Geological map of Saint Vincent.

SVG Mask with no LIDAR data

Area within which no LiDAR data was available for generating the digital elevation Model. Therefore for this area, course resolution SRTM DEM data of 30 m were used.

SVG Topographic Map

This map combines the hillshading image with buildings, roads, rivers etc. for Saint Vincent

SVG Landslide Susceptibility Map

Landslide susceptibility map generated by Cees van Westen (ITC), based on landslide inventories from DeGraff (1988), Lozano (2014) and van Westen (2015) using bi-variate statistical analysis, SMCE, and manual editing.