Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



Combination of flash flood hazard and landslide susceptibility maps in CHARIM

This map combines the hillshading image with buildings, roads, rivers etc. for Saint Vincent

Landslide susceptibility map generated by Cees van Westen (ITC), based on landslide inventories from DeGraff (1988), Lozano (2014) and van Westen (2015) using bi-variate statistical analysis, SMCE, and manual editing.

Landslide Inventory Map for Saint vincent generated in 2015 by Cees van Westen (ITC) through image interpretation of satellite images and the hillshading image of the DEM, including the earlier inventory from 1988 by DeGRaff and the work carried out by MSc students

Land cover map of Saint Vincent, with 5 m cellsize, generated in 2015 by the British Geological Survey from Pleiades satellite images through image classification, visual interpretation and post processing.