StLucia Hillshading image

  • Title: StLucia Hillshading image
  • Abstract:

    Shaded relief map generated from the Diguital Elevation Model of St Lucia, which was made from digital contour lines

  • Publication Date: April 11, 2016, 9:33 a.m.
  • Type: Raster Data
  • Keywords: DEM Hillshade Saint Lucia
  • Category: Elevation
  • Regions: Saint Lucia
  • Owner: lucia
  • Point of Contact: lucia
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  • Purpose:

    For the Charim project (

  • Language: English
  • Data Quality: The Digital Elevation Model of Saint Lucia is of rather poor quality. After modifications an improved version was made. The DEM of St Lucia is created by a Kriging interpolation from elevations lines using an exponential semivariogram. The elevation contours have 2m spacing, and the interpolated map was produced on a 10m resolution. This was then resampled to a 20m resolution using the average of 2x2 cells. It is not known what the origin of the contour lines is. They seem to be generated automatically from another source but the meta data is not available. Nevertheless they do contain some detail in the flood plain as can be seen in fig 5.2. The resampling did not significantly change the level of detail. The absolute accuracy of the DEM is not known, but a good check is if the digitized river (derived from air photos or images), follow the DEM depressions (see below). This is an indication that the natural depressions and small variations in the flood plain, with elevation details of less than 0.5 m, are faithfully reproduced.
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